After admiring her work for years, we’re thrilled to introduce award-winning illustrator Katy Dockrill as another new member of the Sorry You’re Happy family! Whether it’s her beautiful hand lettering, spontaneous line work or bright palettes, all of Katy’s spirited illustrations are infused with humour and whimsy. We hope you enjoy learning more about her in our second Sorry You’re Happy exclusive interview.

1. Please tell us about what you do.
-I’m hired by various publications/design houses/advertising agencies to create illustrations to accompany their written pieces.

2. How long have you’ve been doing this?
-Since about 1999.

3. Could you share a bit of your creative process?
-Certainly! I create all my brushwork by hand using ink and paper, and then I scan everything into photoshop where I piece it all together and add colour.

4. What’s inspiring you currently?
-my garden, my daughter, my cats.

5. How do you draw your inspiration into your work?
-I’ll add things I like to draw into the piece I’m working on. If there is some way that I can add florals, or interesting furniture, or a sleeping cat, I will.

6. What has been one of your favourite projects to work on?
-I’d have to put that in two categories. My favourite commercial project was illustrating a series of drawings for a book about mothers. The client gave me a lot of creative freedom with each of the 76 illustrations, and I loved having a book as an end product. My favourite personal project was taking my illustrations and screen printing them on tote bags, cotton and paper.

7. What’s your dream project?
-tall order, but I would love to see any of my sketches being used on paper or fabric. A simple one image, two colour off centre print. Not too much to ask, really!

Surface patterns from In The Garden collection

8. What’s your favorite holiday?
-Christmas and homemade presents.

9. Cake or pie, and why?
-Homemade blueberry pie. It used to be a family favourite growing up. My parents would buy a huge basket of wild ontario blueberries, and I’d take a portion of them and make delicious pies all summer long.

View more of Katy’s illustration work here.
Follow her on twitter here.

Thanks, Katy!

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