One of our neighbours last May at Surtex 2012

Surtex 2012
was Tamara Brown. We really enjoyed chatting with her and her husband, Taylor, during the quiet moments we all had here and there. Tamara incredibly taught herself to sew to showcase her own fabric designs. What a lady!

1. In about 25 words or less, tell us a little bit about what you do.
I have an intense love for painting and designing – creating unique concepts that I license for greeting cards which has now expanded to design for fabric collections, giftwrap, table top, etc.

2. How long have you’ve been doing this?
I grew up with my mom who was an artist so I was exposed to the “art” culture early on. I officially started Tamagrams over 4 years ago and haven’t looked back…I love waking up everyday being able to live out my passion.

3. What’s inspiring you currently?

My inspiration comes on a daily basis from God, my husband, my two little girls who I am able to see things through their eyes (hence many of my new fabric collections are geared towards little girl home decor and apparel), the beauty of nature, experiencing joy in the everyday little things that are all around me.

4. What’s your dream project?
A dream project would be seeing my designs on bedding as it has the ability to create an overall feel and project the mood of a room.

5. What’s your favourite holiday?
I think I have a tie with favorite holidays. I adore Thanksgiving…the fall has always been my favorite season with the beautiful orange, yellow and red leaves dangling from the trees, the crisp cool after after a long hot summer here in South Carolina while really reflecting through the many things to be so very thankful for. Christmas is also a favorite…the powerful meaning behind the season as well as loving everything that it entails!

6. Cake or pie, and why?
Whew, another toss up! I love them both and would be drawn to whichever one has chocolate!

View more of Tamara’s work here.
Thanks, Tamara!

Tamara and Taylor at Surtex 2012

Snapshot: Tamara Brown
Snapshot: Tamara Brown


One of our neighbours last May at Surtex 2012 was Tamara Brown. We really enjoyed chatting with her and her husband, Taylor, during the quiet [...]

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