We met the members of Trio Magnus at Pen Club in Toronto a few years back. Three incredibly good-looking and talented artists, Clayton, Aaron and Steve create eye-popping, laugh-inducing art. Their extraordinary and curious imagery will draw you right into their marvelous world!

1. In about 25 words or less, tell us a little bit about what you do.
Trio Magnus is a Toronto-based art collective consisting of Clayton Hanmer, Aaron Leighton and Steve Wilson. We have worked on a variety of collaborative projects, including a book, silkscreen prints, illustrations, fine art shows consisting of massive group drawings, and most recently, an 11-foot high “art totem” we were commissioned to create for the FIMA festival in Montreal. Oh, we also do zebra training.

2. How long have you’ve been doing this?
We’ve been drawing together since 2003, but after a trip we all took to Berlin in 2006 we decided to make things a bit more official. In 2007, our debut book, “Equally Superior”, was published by Koyama Press, and we’ve been going strong ever since. We still hang out and sketch on a regular basis.

3. What’s inspiring you currently?
Aaron: Almond milk and black cats.
Clayton: Cedar 2×4′s and electric fans.
Steve: Today? Camouflage and submarines. Tomorrow: something different.

4. What’s your dream project?
Perhaps one of our collaborative drawings on a massive scale (100ft x 50ft) on the side of a building? Or maybe mass produced, high-end designer merchandise with our patterns: fabric, plates, clothing, sheets, curtains, cars, wallets, dog collars, diamonds, wallpaper, you name it… all branded with Trio Magnus images. ;)

5. What’s your favorite holiday?
Led Zeppelin Day (October 14).

6. Cake or pie, and why?
Cheesecake mostly, but there are some pie lovers in the group. Fresh, home-made strawberry pie specifically. Contact Clayton for his address as he accepts all pie deliveries for Trio Magnus.

View more of Trio Magnus’ work here.

Thanks, guys!

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